Diana Chapman enjoys working with clients who are ready to move quickly and go deep. She respects her clients as equals and is a trusted guide to high-impact leaders, guiding them into and through important transitions in life, business and consciousness. Her style is very direct, cutting to the core of any issue and creating breakthroughs efficiently and easily.

For the past twelve years, Diana has trained and taught extensively alongside prominent masters of personal and group transformation, and is recognized by her peers as a leader and pioneer in the areas of consciousness, relationship, and life balance. In the past five years she has taught her own programs in personal mastery across the country.

Diana currently coaches top-level executives and their teams through major transitions, and supports them in creating enduring personal and professional relationships. Diana’s studies, training, and teaching background include somatic psychology, transition coaching, relationship coaching, Enneagram personality patterns, guiding altered states of consciousness, and facilitating group paradigm shifts.

Diana lives in Santa Cruz, California with her husband, Matt Chapman of 20 years, and their two teenage children.

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